Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sitting in the Library..

I'm working on my tutorial presentation and response paper for "Women Writers" which are due tomorrow and I can't help wanting to keep you posted about our topics of discussion in the class. We are reading texts from an Anthology and the way these women write is incredible!  There is always so much strength, passion, feeling and emotion in their words it's hard to stop reading.

Take for example the writer Mary Rowlandson who had to lose children and herself to captivity by natives back in the US of the 1600's.  Her trauma and grief are provided an outlet in her writing.  She has to endure the death of one child, her youngest and can only survive it through her Puritan belief  in God and the Greater Good.  Her tale is the common one of "motherhood lost" which is continually occurring in society even now.  She provides a great example for mothers who have lost children to wars or other social injustices such as abortion or slave labour.  One must endure for the sake of her children and keep the flame of hope alive for the futurity of the generations to come. 

Think about it.. What would the world do without mothers?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Where the Heck Did September Go!?!?!

Wow.  Its already the last week of September. And as you can see, I have yet to increase my posting. Oh well, we'll get there some how. 

I have a TON of reading to do and so many assignments coming up, due dates looming over my head and much preparation to be done.

SO are you doing anything fun this week?

I need to stop procrastinating but I figured I'd at least give you a taste of my week to come.

So for Tuesday I have to finish reading Plato's Republic for night class and find out when the essay for that class is due.. can't find it anyone where on the syllabus or on Dr. C's website... gah. oh well

Wednesday bring a quiz in tutorial -Ugh! hate second year classes.. honestly? I think if your in upper years taking level 2 classes then you should be exempt from tutorial.  Seriously, these TA's make Seminar's look like a joke. Almost.  ALSO I have to go to our city's Cathedral for rehearsal.. my cousin, along with two friends and myself are all performing a liturgical dance at a very special mass this upcoming Sunday... we are finally going to be able to practice in the right church. let's hope it goes well. *fingers crossed*

Thursday is going to be a real blast.. Not!  I have a 2 page response paper due, which is fine considering the TA made us go around the room on the spot last week and tell us about our ideas for response.  SO I'm happy because now I just have to write it up.  Now we also signed up for tutorial presentations and since my name wasn't on the TA's initial list she just added me to the bottom and than picked a day for me to present. And as is my luck, I got September 29th.. the same day the response paper is due.  Which also means I am the first presentation.  Yay.  It's only 2-3 minutes and kinda just discussing the weekly reading, making a connection of sorts.. and at least the stars were on my side because the weeks reading is a poem!  Woo! 

So for the time being i am at a comfortable work load level but I have so much reading to do to catch up and get ahead it's going to have me bogged down for a while. Just hope I can get my stuff together before October really starts because then it's non stop one assignment, midterm or presentation after another.. and this ain't your ordinary 2% worth tutorial stuff either.. we're talking the full monty presentations of seminars worth 40% each.. *runs screaming around the room arms flailing*.

Wish me Luck. i'm gonna need it


Friday, September 16, 2011

First Week Done...Countless More to Go

I cannot believe that school has already been going on one whole week!  I will never cease to be astonished by time and how quickly it can pass while one is otherwise occupied. 

I have yet to achieve my goal level of work but tomorrow I am fortunate enough not to have classes scheduled and therefore I intend to catch up on as much (if not all) of my work so I will be on schedule for Monday.  Already I have tasks to complete, assignments to hand in, presentations and seminars to prepare for.  I am terrified!  Am I really cut out for this? Honestly, my mind has been hosting nothing but Doubt for the last 5 days.. It's terrifying and I hate it!  This year will really make or break me and I fear the latter.  I just have to keep "trying" to be strong I suppose.  A good friend of mine told me that "trying" isn't good enough.. that it is now All or Nothing.. and that I have to Do it because there is no other option but to.  Fair enough advice right? *sigh*

Anyway.. going to bed so I can get rest and work diligently tomorrow..



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gotta Love Procrastination..

Today I went to school for seminar number two and then sat around on the longest break of life... from 11:30am until 7pm when i had night class which lasted half an hour and as usual managed to intimidate the heck out of me.  If you knew my prof you'd know why.  Dr. Clark is a pretty crazy smart guy but dang his classes are tough!  Day 1 and we've already gotta start reading like mad.. and of course the class is the history of critical theory so of course we're starting off by reading Plato's Republic of course he would do that us! *sigh*  Gonna be an even tougher semester now.  Im kinda terrified not gonna lie.

I spent the better part of my big break today doing kind of nothing lol.. I brought the laptop with me and listened to music on 'grooveshark' for 6 hours.  In fact I spent much of my time finding and adding new music to my new "chill out" list.. got about 120 sounds from artists like Bjork!, Muse, Linkin Park, Tool, Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson..etc.  SO yeah  that wasted a good couple of hours.  I also chatted on msn with people i'd met in Spain lol which was totally awesome and I love technology!  I did do some school stuff also though, I watched he videos on youtube my prof had requested we see and listened to a TED talk by Chamamanda Adichie on "the danger of a single story".. super cool a'll should check her out and check out TED talks if you don't know what they are.. good stuff.   I also listened to Toni Morrison's Nobel prize speech- well half of it.. before i got interrupted by a good friend who not only provided some much needed comical relief but also some positive energy for me to get working again.  We read for about 3 hours side by side today and then went to night class together.. Thank God i'm not alone to suffer!

Seminar 2 sounds good.. It's at 9:30am until 11:20 and is run by the same prof as another course and seems like its going to be good fun and great reads.  And minimal work in comparison to other courses of lesser weight... going to be interesting.

So here's my course list, for those of you who might be interested in the hell i'm going to be experiencing between now and December:

 4th level Seminars:
 -Cultural studies critical theory 4CF3 "contemporary fiction" with my favorite prof of all time, Dr James King.. he's adorable! he is self promoting his mad writing skills by putting one of his fiction novels on the reading list.. hehe awww!! soo cute!
- English 4AA3 "African-American Women Writers" with Dr. O'Conner who is super cool for an older lady lol naw i like her already.. she seems like a good lecturer so im sure she'll be a great seminar leader.

The Rest of It:
- CSCT 2K06 "women writers"- dr O'Conner again... nice to get to see her in two semi-related variably different settings... she's all about journals and response assignments though so i have to do them for this class and her seminar as well... oh well.  there's also the joys of tutorial to contend with. hmm
-CSCT 2M03 "concepts of culture" with Dr. Sarah Brophy who is soo adorable too!  Gonna be a "funsie" course i think.. probably easy.  It has tutorial as well.
-CSCT 3Q03 "the history of cultural studies" with Dr David Clark ( who i had last year for Gender and Sexuality..) and im slightly intimidated especially since he said he remembers me doing well in his last class.. great. A lot of heavy and hard reading to do.. should i have expected any less? nope.

So thats it this semester... tons of reading, tons of speaking, assignments big and small, only three exams tho thank God... but big big big essays in seminar.. eep!  Don't know if I'll be able to make it through this one, going to have to work my butt off like never before.. just gotta stay positive! I think I can.. I think I can.. do I? Yes!

So onward to Wednesday.. only one class tomorrow at 11:30 so i can sleep in and thanks to tutorials not starting until Thursday, i'm done at 12:20 tomorrow :)


Monday, September 12, 2011

September Already... and I wish it was May.

Wow how the summer flew.  I know I have yet to finish posting about my summer.. I assure you there is a post sitting there waiting to be edited and had pictures added to it.  It should be posted by the end of the week.  I'm going to try to keep up my daily posts but it might turn into weekly posting since this year I've got 4th level Seminars to worry about getting A's in and I'm overloading a class next term.. EEP! SOS!!! 

So School started up again last Thursday.  I lucked out and don't have class Fridays all term 1- Woo! Hopefully I won't procrastinate and I will actually use that class free day to keep ahead of my work- even though right now it looks like i'll be playing catch-up all week til then.  *sigh* oh well.

I've been to 3 out of 5 classes, including in those 3 one of 2 4th level seminars!! Woo! Love Dr King.. anywho, tomorrow morning I've got seminar 2 of 2 for the term and I'm super excited to see what it's going to be like.  I'm taking mostly (as in 85%) cultural studies classes this year to finish off my combined honours degree which is excellent except for the fact that they are mostly 2nd year classes which are rather large (80-130 students) and entail 2 hours of lecture plus an hour of tutorial which is mandatory and has assignments.. ugh! Like I won't have enough going on with Seminars? Seriously what am I thinking? Gonna be fun, I can tell already. . .

My profs so far are pretty cool, and the one TA I met seems super awesome (She's from Winnipeg in the Manitoba area of this grand country, (Dr&Mrs Smarty-Pants+The Fins- and she knows people who went to Prov!!).  So i'm hoping it's not going to be too much of a train wreck semester but here's hoping!

I'll give you a full course list after I've had my remaining two classes tomorrow and can look at my concise syllabi (sp?) and tell you all the fun stuff I'll be learning and reading.

I can't wait to be finished.  This year just started and I really want it to be ending.. although then lies the impending doom of "big girl world" which sort of terrifies me- just as much,if not more than- my final year of university life.  Don't know how I'm going to get through it but I can't stop fighting now, we're soo close! (must be something in this bag to calm my gitters...eek!).  Well I guess all I can do is tighten my seat belt, pull up my boot straps and secure my baggage as I speed on forward... it looks like we're launching into yet another year folks and it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

More to follow.  Comment if your reading.