Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday.. Again..

and I'm home with my parents... cuz everybody's busy working but me *sigh*

Sat around playing guitar and recording some new videos to post on YT - use your imagination if you wanna find me *sticks out tongue*

To respond to one of my previous posts comments- Yes! I eat eggs with my teeth.. If it wasn't for scrambled eggs I'd be so low on protein and utterly lost for breakfast foods so yeah *sticks out tongue again, at anonymous poster*

Didn't realise I was popular until I had 26 unread e-mails sitting in my inbox.. guess thats what I get for not checking for two days.  Most of it was spam anyway *sad sigh* guess i'm not as popular as I thought.

Can't believe the week flies by so quickly when I don't post much... kind of sucks cuz now it's the weekend again and in another week June will be over and it will be July and I'll have but two months of summer vacation left before September school hell! 8runs around screaming flailing arms*

Anywho, Gonna go spend some "mommy" time before getting back to guitaring and video-editing and chatting and all that fun stuff I do when im home alone bored..

please comment and e-mail and a giant THANKS! to all of you who commented last time - would be nice if I knew who you were.. maybe you might consider putting an initial at the end of your comment or some kind of identifying tag so I have an inclination of who is reading me.. or hey how about this.. E-mail me when you comment! or With your comment!  *giggles*

Take care ya'll,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Far This Week...

I've been in and out of the house randomly, going here and there all around the square (?).. Naw just wandering about this grand ol' steelcity that I call home.. So I took some pictures.. Hope you Enjoy them!!

Beautiful Monday Morning..

Making Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast!! Yum

"I walk these empty streets..."

Liked This Shot..
Tried to be Artistic and catch an empty bridge but no such luck.. not took a picture of two random dudes.. Still Pretty Epic Looking Bridge!!

Love. Love. Love this shot.. sitting in one of the city parks.. Sooo Nice! Love Trees!

Heading Downtown for a Bus..
St. Pauls United Church.. Such an epic looking old building in the heart of the city..

Artisitc angles!!! Downtown Bus Station.. Waiting..

The Only One On The Bus... Move On Empty Chariot Of The People!!

Finally Getting Back To the East End.. Almost Home
End of the Night.. Nerding it up in front of a latpop and my desktop screen chatting and tuning..
So there's a look into a random day in my life... I hope you likes it.. hopefully tomorrow nights post will be better *giggles* *sighs* maybe I need more time away from my computer.. maybe? or more time doing productive stuff? hmmmm.

Maybe should stop talking to self... hmmmm *strokes imaginary beard*

Please comment and e-mail... if you're out there.. anybody?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nobody Comments Anymore...*sigh*

Im so depressed... another night passes, another post, and still no one comments and nigh an e-mail to be seen.. it's kind of depressing writing for nobody... oh well *sigh* guess I'll just have to keep persevering until someone finally comments.. or reads my posts

Reducing myself to watching spiffworld's videos of Jonathan Coulton songs on YouTube... *sigh*


Friday, June 17, 2011

What a Night...

It's Finally Friday and i'm home eating pasta hanging out with my fav gal...  Decidedly agreed upon by all party's that living at home with your parents often can be.. well.. to put it bluntly.. It Sucks!

I forgot about eating today (hhehe) and my sister had yelled at me for it earlier, so at 9 o'clock this evening I decided to make some pasta, cover it with sour cream and go to town!  It's taking me forever to eat- as you all know- but it's still quite satisfying...  You should try it.. super eeasy recipe.. boil pasta and just add sour cream *giggles*

Anywho, gonna listen to some tunz, make a bit more of a rucous and get me rents a bit more cheezed off before bed time.. early morning... gah!


Who Cares About Thursdays?

I certainly don't.. going through Thursday makes it take longer before I get to Friday :(

Today I spent over $100.00 on a CHI hair straightener for one of my favourite gal cuzins- Lord knows I love her... I owed her a birthday gift and I promised a sweet one so that was it- two months later- oh well she was soo excitedly happy and pleased and couldn't stop smiling so much her face probably hurts now So it was well worth it... and I get dibs to use it whenever I want too .. so It's all good :)

Giving feels good...  I like to give to my family and friends and the odd stranger or street urchin *giggles* and it makes me happy when I can make others happy... DO you like to give? comment/e-mail me about it!!!

Just finished watching the bestest movie from my childhood ever... Anastasia!!  What made it even better was sitting outside in the backyard on the deck with some family members and watching it in the cooling night air..  It's soo muggy here tonight, at the least there was a nice chilly breeze.   The moon is supposed to be out and big and bright and beautiful but thanks to smog and over-cast we didn't see it.. oh well.. there will be other moons and other nights to see them.  Honestly, laptops/portable computers or dvd players are the greatest inventions ever for hot nights when you don't want to be stuck inside in a stuffy room with a squeaky fan and no A/C :D Thumbs up to the person who invented portable electronics!!!

I've finished going through my e-mails and usual nightly internet haunts.. nothing interesting tonight.. no one cool online to chat with..  Gonna call it a night I think..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time For Another Poem By The Always Wonderful W.B Yeats...

"To an Isle in the Water"

Shy one, shy one, 
Shy one of my heart,
She moves in the firelight
Pensively apart.

She carries in the dishes,
And lays them in a row.
To an isle in the water
With her would I go.

She carries the candles,
And lights the curtained room,
Shy in the doorway
And shy in the gloom;

And shy as a rabbit, 
Helpful and shy.
To an isle in the water
With her would I fly.
                            -William Butler Yeats- "Crossways"

*Sigh* isn't it just such a romantic poem?  I know what your thinking.. whats so romantic about a guy watching some girl clean up after dinner and go about her evening house work... but come on.. he watching her in her everyday and wishing to take her away with him to an Isle...where they can be happy and free...  Nothing like good poetry to make a person smile

Comment and e-mail k? SO lonely writing to myself all the time

Are you even reading?  Hello? HELLO???


Today I...

Took a shower at 8 am because I couldn't sleep any longer..

Ate my first whole piece of toast post-surgery!!

Played the piano for 3 hours straight..

Read more of The Monk and got bored..

Put away clean laundry and stuck dirty clothes in the washer..

Found out an author I know has a blog on blogspot (here)

Tabbed the notes for the melody to the song "All My Life" by KC and JoJo- you know the one right?

Got annoyed at technology...multiple times

Forgot what day of the week it is

Realised that a month passed me by really quickly.... too quickly actually

Played 6 hours of piano in total and made up a few new covers to old songs..

High-five'd myself for artistic intelligence and license and freedom

Ate 3 pieces of pizza (under-cooked) very slowly

Checked my e-mail address 8 times

Walked by a piece of paper lying discarded at the bottom of the stairs about 20 times before deciding to pick it up

Used eBuddy Web Messenger for the first time... stupid msn temporary failure :(

Subjected myself to stupid Youtube videos

Wasted countless time deciding what to do instead of just doing something.

Didn't know what I was going to post about until now..

Patted myself on the back for successfully keeping up with blogging this week... Go Me!

Decided to finally  DO Something...

Am going to bed before midnight.

Told my few readers/followers to comment/e-mail about what they/or I did today.. Thx readers!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gothic Literature Anyone?

Because of my obsession with Jane Austens novels (and the film adaptations) I decided I would get into some of the Gothic Literature that gets mentioned in Northanger Abbey.  An undertaking of mine has been to read The Monk and atleast something about Anne Radcliffe and her novels which are said to be truly terrifying!

I'm currently just past the first volume of The Monk and so far it's quite intriguing and I find myself unable to put it down before finishing the chapter i'm on..  

The story takes place in Spain and upon entering the first few chapters we are graced by the presence of the great Monk Ambrosio who has become somewhat of a renown preacher and is known to the people of Madrid as His Holiness as they worship him for his words with reverence.  Alas poor Ambrosio(- I knew him well) while having survive 30 years of life unsullied by sin or temptation finds himself only too close to succumbing to the powers of evil in the temptations of Rosario (A.K.A) Matilda...

Among hearing about the antics and goings on about the Monastery we also encounter 3 gentlemen and their lives/journeys into the world and society and their abilities in persuing certain favoured women...  The author really did a great job of flipping back and forth between scenes within and out of the Monastery and adding many side stories in depth to help the reader fully understand how a certain character came to be where he/she is now in the point of the story..each character has a chance to be the narrator for a chapter or so..  

Things haven't gotten to the "scary" part quite yet beyond the two poisonings that occur within the Monastery and the pillaging and murdering that happens out in society as we are following various gentlemen around..  For being written at the and of the 1700's it's quite a shock to find scenes and stories within the novel that involve rather PG and "racy" areas... one does not expect to find any mention of exposed body parts and their appearance in the light of the moon (etc) within 18th century literature and i'm sure it was frowned upon society at the time- though that might have all added to the books "terrific" nature... hmm.. 

Either way, I can only imagine these topics were able to pass under the radar because the story was considered "horrific" in its nature altogether anyway.. honestly who pays attention to the exposed breast of a maiden when there are gangs a-foot and murdering's a-happening..right?

I shall let you know what I feel as I move into the Volume II.. perhaps I shall come to the forbidden "scary" parts... 

By the way.. I realized that something is a-miss in Austen's Northanger Abbey and in it's film adaptations..  Catherine Morland is reading The Monk and fantasizing herself into the story as per usual and the scene she narrates is when Ambrosio gains the ability to go into Antonia's bedchamber and Catherine says the line of "I must have her or perish" or something of that sort.. well in the novel proper (The Monk) it is soo not Ambrosio who says it but rather Matilda/Rosario who says it of Ambrosio and her desire to be with him.. or so i've found so far.. perhaps the line gets repeated in another part of the book... or Austen just liked that line from the Monk and decided to have her "heroine" Catherine read it, and the same goes for the film adaptors.. cuz we all know Henry Tilney would so not be crass enough to walk into Catherine as she is bathing and tell her that all God's creatures are acceptable in the flesh.. yeah.. wouldn't happen, even in Cathy's fantasies.. sorry C, your not Antonia, and your beloved Mr. Tilney is just not Ambrosio enough..  I could very well be wrong in all this, please accept it as purely speculation drwan off of bad tired short term memory...
Okay, im done ranting and rambling..

As always, Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and/or e-mail me what your thinking


Monday, June 13, 2011

Smells Like Teen...Angst? Spirit? Crisis?...

Spent the better part of yesterday hanging out with my immediate/extended family for weekly Sunday "lunch" and  beyond eating over-cooked pasta (not by choice) the most interesting and fulfilling part of the whole day was catching up with one of my cousins..

I've forgotten what it's like to be a teenager, growing up in this current crazy advanced morally decrepit society.. Im only 21, what the heck!?!  Do things really change that much when you become an adult?

I suppose the mind does all it can to let go of the terrible, awkward, embarrassing, panic confused-filled moments one experiences as a teenager..  My cousins newly 17 and experiencing her first major substantial crushes which are no longer just making her nervous and blushing, but are spawning new feelings of the want and desire for meaningful friendships and emotional and romantic relationships.. I guess I forgot what it was like to be bitten by the love bug for the first time..  Now that I've gone through it I can laugh and say "its easy, don't worry, you can ask for that number no problem...rejection? nah! don't even worry about it.. no biggie"  but in the back of my mind there is a memory of that difficult moment standing face to face at a locker and staring down at your shoes mumbling " can i have your number?" *sigh* c'est la vie..

I looked at my cousins slightly nervous slightly confused face and told her "you have to live through things or else you don't know what life is and you'll never learn how to live the life you want, the life worth living... If you don't go out and look you'll never find anything.. if you don't search for who you are you'll never find yourself.. and if you don't know who you are, how can you let other people know You?"  Amazingly she understood me... We mistake the silly immature misbehaviour of teen-agers for stupidity and un-intelligence but this is not so..  it's true what they say about the wisdom of the ages..  Each age we live brings us more wisdom.. so at the age of 17, there is a substantial amount of wisdom... Thankfully! or else how would any of us survive/have survived the final year(s) of high school?

Anyway, I'm glad I have the experiences that I have and that I can share them with the next generation.. it's great to know that there are teens still willing to listen to the advice and experience of others and who aren't afraid to ask for opinions and assistance.. It's wonderful and amazing that cousin can talk to me and wants/needs to.. I'm happy that my having gone through certain experiences can contribute to her learning what not to do and how to avoid getting into difficult or "sticky" situations... *sigh*  I can't wait to be a mom because then i'll have way more experience and more wisdom (coming with my age) to share with my kids to help them grow and learn and come into the world themselves...

I know I shouldn't be soo emotional about this but honestly, i've watched my cousins grow up, and i'm witnessing them change from silly little kids into interesting awkward teens..  The way they view the world, society and everything that goes along with those two spectrum's has definitely changed... when maturity levels increase, understanding and wisdom do to... ignorance isn't always bliss, and especially not in teens today.. The world/society they are growing up in is even increasingly different from my own.. and its only a 4 year difference!

To be honest, I am both terrified and yet excitedly curious to see what will happen in the years to come... right now its "I want to look older" and "I want a boyfriend" but at 18, 20 its going to be " I want a degree!" or "I need a job".. and in the near to follow future it will be " I want to retire!"..

How swiftly time passes.. before you know it All we are is Dust In The Wind... Everything is Dust In The Wind.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

More "Music and Lyrics",,,

 Check this out.. such a great song.. i've probably already posted about it.. but just in case I haven't.. here you go.. It's also by Celtic Woman (my current musical romance)..Enjoy

" The Voice " 
I hear your voice on the wind

And I hear you call out my name

"Listen, my child," you say to me

"I am the voice of your history
Be not afraid, come follow me
Answer my call, and I'll set you free"

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice, I will remain

I am the voice in the fields when the summer's gone

The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow
Ne'er do I sleep throughout all the cold winter long
I am the force that in springtime will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be

Filled with my sorrow and blood in my fields
I am the voice of the future, bring me your peace
Bring me your peace, and my wounds, they will heal

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice

I am the voice of the past that will always be

I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice of the future
I am the voice, I am the voice
I am the voice, I am the voice

Please Comment or e-mail me ( your thoughts... Sorry if these posts have been boring.. i'll have some new stuff to post about soon enough... Thanks for reading.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Evenings Inspiration...

After spending the day in confusion and hard work, It is always nice to sit down comfortably and lose myself in the depths of beautiful, inspirational, fulfilling music...

I'm absolutely addicted to a musical group called Celtic Woman... The voices are so angelic and almost other-worldly beautiful, the minute the sound enters my ears I am captivated and all but taken over.

Check out what has me so enthralled...

"The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun"

High is the moon tonight
Hiding its guiding light

Heaven and earth do sleep
Still in the dark so deep
I will the darkness sweep

I will the moon to flight
I will the heavens bright
I will the earth delight

Open your eyes with me
See paradise with me
Awake and arise with me

I am the dawn, I'm the new day begun
I bring you the morning, I bring you the sun
I hold back the night and I open the skies
I give light to the world, I give sight to your eyes

From the first of all time, until time is undone
Forever and ever and ever and ever
And I am the dawn and the sky and the sun
I am one with the One, and I am the dawn

I am the sky and the dawn and the sun
I am the sky and the new day begun
I am the sky and the dawn and the sun

Enjoy, comment/ e-mail your thoughts


Friday, June 10, 2011

A Poem...

To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing
Now all the truth is out,
Be secret and take defeat,
From any brazen throat,
For how can you compete,
Being honour bred, with one
Who, were it proved he lies,
Were neither shamed in his own
Nor in his neighbours' eyes?
Bred to a harder thing
Than triumph, turn away
And like a laughing string
Whereon mad fingers play
Amid a place of stone, 
Be secret and exult,
Because of all things known
That is most difficult. 

~William Butler Yeats~

Kind how i'm feeling right now about my own personal work... *sighs*

Enjoy and comment or e-mail your thoughts...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've come to the conclusion that Wednesdays are at the top of the "worst day of the week" list.. and there are many reasons why...

1-takes too many letters to write it out
2- too tricky to spell (even for some adults)
3- prolongs the end of the week because its smack dab in the middle..
4- reminds people that there are still 2 days  to go til the weekend
5-makes the weekend seem farther away because its "only" weds
6- tricks you into thinking you have tons of time before the week ends when really you don't..
7- often times, feels like the longest day ever and has you wishing it were actually Thursday
8- reminds you that the week is already passing by but not yet over.. I always find myself discovering and often exclaiming in some slight surprise that its "Wednesday again*..
9- its the day that is the hardest to stay focused when doing any kind of task.. your thoughts tend to drift to "how much longer til its Friday?"
10- seems to be the day in my week where everything starts out perfectly fine and ends in a completely failed burning wreckage... Always.

So now you know why I hate Wednesdays....

All in All today though a Wednesday went rather well... almost.  I went with my family to take my 2 year old niece to the African Lion Safari where we got to drive around on a "safari" watching all different wild and exotic (captive) animals in their "natural" habitats... we saw lions and cheetahs, leopards and monkeys who like to jump on your vehicle, sticking their gross monkey rear-ends up against your windshield and hanging onto your door by sitting on the side view mirrors... We got to elephants bathing, giraffe grazing, some crazy birds, emu and ostrich, goats, deer, zebra and many more creatures... It was tons of fun! Then we took my niece to the parks Splash Pad and spent an hour in the 40 degree (Celsius) blaring sun wading through sprinklers and kiddie pool areas.. I got a nice sort-of tan and got to watch my niece discover how to swim moving backwards and how to use your hand to make a little fountain squirt water out really high.. 

It was interesting really, seeing her at only two years of age being able to interact and co-exist in the play areas with other children of different ages... kids are so adaptable and resilient (most of the time).. I wish I was more like that.. I wish adults were able to be like that... adaptable and tough, open and sharing, cautious and yet completely free with actions and thoughts... if only adult life and society were like a children's splash pad.. maybe there'd be more peace in the world.. maybe the biggest thing we'd ever have to deal with is scraping our knee when we fall down, not wars and corruption.... *sigh* alas tis merely wishful thinking..

 As i sit here staring at the computer screen, my eyes wander over to the wall beside me where upon hangs my Nightmare Before Christmas themed calendar  and thinking.. I can't believe it's already June 8th... and its Wednesday again..*groans* and I still have yet to do anything productive this summer... If this keeps up I'm going to remain in this vacuum of procrastination and doing-nothing-ness for the rest of the summer...

can't wait for it to be Thursday.. maybe things will get better.. probably not *sigh*


2 months since last post... so sad

Its been slightly over two months since i last posted and I cannot believe I let all of May pass by without even a single tiny post...  It kind of makes me sad.. I thought I had things going well but as always the end of April transition into May kills my writing.

If you're interested in what i've been up to lately, well its a bit crazy and complicated and totally unexpected but in  the beginning of May I had my upper jaw surgically expanded and now im going through the continuous recovery process..  luckily being young and healthy has assisted my recovery and progressed everything at top YAY! the sad part is, the expander (a.k.a SARPE) that is glued to my top molars and sits just below the roof of my mouth has to remain in position until December (approximately) so looks like I will be dealing with the fall of my final school year with it in..  As if things weren't going to be annoying or complicated enough, I will be having braces bonded to my bottom teeth the last weeks of August..

Now, the main reason for the expansion was to ensure a proper orthodontic treatment to fix my terribly misaligned teeth and to stop the premature waring down of my back molars... It is already a tiring and trying process and will get even more colorful I'm certain once the expander is out and i'm sporting top and bottom braces for 2 years (approx).

I promised myself I wouldn't post a rant about my tooth issues so I won't.. but rest assured there will be more to come about braces and my ortho treatment once things get moving again.. right now im on a 10 week pause period..

ANY WHO! I am soo super excited by I was finally able to get ahead of the game and register for my 2011/2012 classes!!!  trust me.. it's a big deal for a procrastinator... for the past 4 years I have meandered about piddling away the summer until it is late July having yet accessed the server termed "SOLAR"  to make my course selections for the following September.. which ALWAYS resulted in my needing to speak a department academic advisor to ensure I get into the classes I was required to take.. so Go me!! SOLAR opened up for 4 and 5th level humanities students June 7th at midnight and though it took me nearly 24 hours I was finally successful in gaining access to the constantly busy server and I chose all my courses..therefore securing myself a spot in my required classes and attaining the proverbial early-bird worm *smiles proudly*  I'm nervous and yet excited to start school again come September.. I have level 4 seminars and I'm allowed to overload by 2 classes (if I wish) because I'm in the final year of my program which is a great help since I'm down one class from last term... so fingers crossed and here's hoping I can juggle 11 classes this year and graduate June 2012 with honours!!!

I know.. I know! I'm a nerd.. it's okay.. if I can admit it, then it's a step closer to acceptance...

I had the greatest fortune to sit around all of May and do nothing but delve into my fiction-fun reading!! But not i've run out of new books to read.. my sister suggested I start going to the library instead of buying new books but there is just something soo wonderful and invigorating about walking into a bookstore and picking up a clean fresh never-been-opened paperback that makes my eyes glisten and my body buzz with happiness...  I know they're just a little bit too trashy but i've been into cheesy vampire romance novels lately.. I love them for all their craziness though i've been chastised for reading them by an academically astute family member who understands my interests in all things vampyre and strongly suggests I do more academic based research since I want to get into the folk lore and history, and I should see what other more"academic" types are saying and thinking and writing about this phenomenon of vampire culture that's captivated this century and beyond..

speaking of vampires and vamp culture.. I finally caved a purchased the 1931 Dracula starring none other than the magnificent Bella Lugosi as our seductively evil Prince of Darkness...  I also bought two other decent versions... 1974- Dan Curtis' DRACULA starring Jack Palance as the good ol' Count.. and the third version is from 1979 and stars Frank Langella as Count Dracula with Laurence Olivier(wooo!) as Van Helsing!!  Over all I am quite pleased with my purchases.. I've to date watched 1931 and 1974 but come this weekend I will have watched all three... sadly they cost me a stupid price as I caved to buying retail instead of just ordering off amazon.. so yeah..burned a hole into my pocket.. oh well, Can you really put a price on greatness?

Well, to sum up.. I'm looking forward to more posts for the month of June and I apologize for my blatantly ignoring (the un-glorious month of ) May... forgive me?

Farewell and Good Night